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Managing your mental state

How do you manage the mental side of your game?

The psychology of sport is continuous, it never stops, it happens every second you play and every second you practice, it beats away in the background as you
compete and as you take the time to develop your skills.

You are ALWAYS practicing the mental side of sport.

Every response you have counts. Your inner reply to action is duly noted by your brain and body…every single time!

  1. Every time you choose to focus on the present moment counts.
  2. Every time you succumb to distraction counts.
  3. Every time you pass with confidence counts.
  4. Every time you shoot with hesitation counts.
  5. Every time you use your self-talk counts. Every time you use your body language counts.
  6. Every time you give in counts.
  7. Every time you accept what’s out of your control counts.
  8. Every time you’re patient counts.
  9. Every time you fail to utilise the positive stress that flows through your body before competitive play counts.
  10. Every time you fail to find that intensity sweet-spot counts.
  11. Every time you etch the negative play into your brain and nervous system counts.

It all counts!

Everything counts the psychology of sport is continuous!

Always keep the confidence going…

  1. share success stories whenever possible
  2. regularly reflect on strengths as a group
  3. normalise negative emotion
  4. emphasise internal drivers and intrinsic rewards
  5. rationalise performance and outcome
  6. be self-referenced as a group