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Bumper Cars


Place one player inside each of the 5×5 yard squares. 4 players dribble around inside the main area.

Two defenders – without a ball – look to knock balls out of the grid. Each ball they knock out is worth 1 point.

The game stops when they knock all 5 balls out of the area.

If a dribbling player wants a rest they can bump a player out of one of the safety zones.

When inside a safety zone, if a ball is passed to you and a player runs into your zone you must leave and dribble the ball into the main area.

If bumped out of a safety zone you can attempt to bump someone else out but cannot return to your own safety zone. It is important that the first touch takes the player into space and not into danger.

Players in a safety zone must try to control any passes into them!

Main Objectives

Dribbling, running with the ball, accurate passing, changeovers, first touch into space.

Set Up

Area: 40×30 yards with 5×5 yard squares inside
Players: 12
Equipment: Cones, 4 balls

Player won’t stay in the safety zone for long!

Defenders try to knock the balls out of the area.

Dribble into a safe zone and bump the player out.