Philosophy, values, expectations and principles

My values

  1. I coach to help develop players, to help them be the best they can be
  2. Everyone must have fun – but be “in the game”
  3. I look to win but not at the expense of player development or the person’s wellbeing or mindset
  4. I look to help develop not only the physical skills but also the soft skills (leadership, communication, mindset, teamship, attitude etc)
  5. I look to develop a positive and encouraging environment 

This means I focus on the process of development – ie how we are going to get to where we are going.

I am motivated by smiles, enjoyment and achievement of the individual

My expectations

I have 4 words that I lean on:

  1. Attitude – be positive look to grow and accept that life is not fair but you are still going to nail it
  2. Commitment – put everything into what you do – be the best you can in the moment
  3. Effort – try, try and try again
  4. Respect – for all – coaches, umpires and opposition

My standards (aka …non-negotiables)

  1. On time
  2. Attentiveness and coachable
  3. Be accountable
  4. Motivated 
  5. Resilience – I need “jungle lions” not “zoo lions”
  6. Teamship – no selfishness or gossip
  7. Have a great attitude

    My game principles (aka How I want to play the game!)

    1. Processes – We focus on the processes and let the result take care of itself. (Process = Result)
    2. Possession – We do not give the ball away  (Possession = Control)
    3. Pressure – We apply maximum pressure to the opposition at all times. (Constant Forward Press)
    4. Positions – Everyone can play any position on the field at any given time. (Flexibility)
    5. Pitch – We control the centre of the pitch. (Control Centre = Control Game)
    6. Composed & committed – We keep calm and carry on


    “Success is never an accident. Instead its an accumulation of the everyday little choices and decisions one makes on a daily basis”