4 box scoring

Objective – passing and receiving with intent

  1. 4v4,5v5,6v6 etc
  2. 4 boxes in the corners (add a 5th for younger teams)
  3. Aim is to pass to a player in a box = goal
  4. Rules are normal hockey
  5. You cannot score in the same box consecutively
  6. Once you score leave the ball for the other team to start
  1. Scanning – where are my team
  2. Passing hard and fast
  3. Body shape to receive and move
  4. Stick position and action to move the ball
  5. Supporting positions and angles to play forwards
  6. Draw defenders to open passing choices
  1. Attackers
    1. Explode
    2. Face the pitch with open body ready to receive & pass
    3. Clear/move/drag your marker to create space
    4. Take first touch to space – T&S
    5. Whats my next job
  2. Defenders
    1. Press after loss
    2. Stay in the game
    3. Deny space and channels
    4. Disrupt
    5. Channel attackers
    6. Look for interceptions
  1. Normal Hockey
  1. Boxes smaller or larger
  2. Fix which boxes teams can score in (
  3. Make 2 boxes red and 2 blue (blue to score in blue and red in red)
  4. Turn and burn so do NOT leave the ball for the other team
  5. 5 balls each to see who gets the most goals
  6. Limit time on ball
  7. Limit types of passes and receipts
  8. Add/remove players for infringements
  9. Double goals for speed of response (score in the next minute = 2 goals)