1 V 2 Defensive double teaming

Objective – Teach defenders to communicate and “push the attack” back

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Game makeup

  1. 1/8th of a pitch
  2. All 3 players stand in the middle, 2 face one way and 1 faces the other
  3. The attacker (1 player) runs with the ball to the line turns around and looks to attack the other line
  4. The defenders (2 players) run to the opposing line and look to prevent the attacker scoring
  5. If attackers win they get 2 goals
  6. If defenders win they get 1 goal

Break into groups and score each group then swop over and score the other group

Explicit Objectives

  1. Teach the defenders to communicate and pin the attacker
  2. Force the attacker backwards
  3. Do not commit


  1. This is a defending exercise so focus on defenders


  1. Delay, Deny, disrupt – Do not dive
  2. Channel
  3. Double team the attacker and force a mistake
  4. Force the attacker to rollout

  1. Restart when goal scored – defense or attack
  2. Restart if ball goes over the side

  1. Give the attacker 20/30/40 secs to score
  2. Add another attacker in after 20/30/40 secs to put pressure on the defenders
  3. Each attacker has 1 ball so they try hard to make it count

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