Defensive Strips & Principles – 5 D’s

Objective – Use the defensive “D’s”

3 GamesFocusResetProgression
  1. Std 1v1 – attempt to score in a offset goal
    1. Teaching the “do not dive” (DND) principle
    2. Use jab tackles until an opportunity for dispossessing takes place then block
  2. As 1 but now includes a second attacker
    1. Defender to delay as well as marking channel to goal
    2. DND
  3. As 1 but now includes a second defender
    1. Pressure on the attacker to move fast and defender to delay while reinforcements coming in
    2. Defenders to double team & communicate

    Defenders objective is NOT to win the ball unless it is “easy and no risk”, instead we are looking for them to:

    1. Drive the attacker off the pitch
    2. Force an error by the attacker
    3. Protect their feet (Especially if in the D)

    Learn when to do what – jab, delay, block, use their body to assist

    Defensive principles

    1. Delay
      1. Stop their go forward – be aggressive
      2. Be in the way – Be big
      3. Force a decision benefiting you
      4. Attack fast and step back – force them to stop and worry
    2. Deny
      1. Close down their passing channels
      2. Slow them down
      3. Shepherd them
    3. Dictate
      1. Run at angles to direct them
      2. Use your body and stick to dictate
    4. Disrupt
      1. Jab, worry, prevent – be in the way BUT DO NOT GET ELIMINATED
      2. Get their head down
    5. Dispossess
      1. Get down and do a block tackle
    1. If ball is lost then reset with new players
    2. Attackers have limited balls to prove their worth
    1. 5 balls each time – per attacker so defenders motivated to win
    2. 10 sec rotations so attackers under pressure
    3. Goal if the defender forces an attacking mistake without touching the ball


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