Winner stays on

Objective – scoring in tight places

  1. Normal game but have to score in mini D
  2. Pitch area is from PC injection marks with a half size (8 meter D)
  3. 3 teams of 4 players
  4.  Two teams start and turn and burn when they score
  5. Losing team has to get off the pitch immediately
  6. Each game maximum length of 90 secs

It does not matter if only one keeper as all three sides end up having to attack and defend both ends.

  1. Restart from baseline – fed by keeper
  2. Out over sideline then ball feed by coach
  1. One Magic Ball (a different colour to the rest) – when that enters play it is worth 3x a normal goal
  2. Score one point for the first goal and then two goals if they score two consecutive goals before being subbed off – then 3 etc

3 Team Rumble