What’s next for a talented player

  1. Character
    Character matters A LOT. Do you make the right choices in your sport and school?
    Bad choices? If so then forget the next level. 
  2. Body Language – watch it – it screams!
    Are you an energy giver or an energy sucker?
    Energy is contagious. Coaches look for positive energy givers.
  3. Interaction with your Coach
    Do you engage with your coach, do you nod in affirmation.
    Coaches look at how you treat your current coach they understand this is how you will treat them.
  4. Leadership
    Are you a team leader, coaches want leaders.
    They want you to help bring their team to another level.
  5. Humbleness
    Be humble. Respect the process. Always know there is room to grow and
    improve. There are two types of players.

    1. Those who are humble.
    2. Those who are about to be humbled.
  6. Commitment & Coachability
    Do you accept or seek out coaching?
    Do you look to improve and get better, if you are not committed, you will not make it long.