What does coachable look like?

7 examples of coachability.

  1. Respect Coaching:
    Respect is fundamental to coachability.
    Players who respect their coach’s authority and experience are willing to learn and trust the coach’s guidance and feedback.
  2. Be Open to Feedback:
    Coachable players welcome constructive criticism and use it for improvement.
    They don’t take feedback personally; they see it as valuable information to enhance their skills.
  3. Implement the Feedback:
    Coachable players take the feedback they receive and actively work to apply it in their practice and performance.
    They’re proactive in making the necessary adjustments based on the coach’s guidance.
  4. Adapt or Die:
    Coachable players are flexible and open to trying new techniques or strategies the coach suggests.
    They understand that adaptation is essential for growth and success in their sport.
  5. Active Listener:
    Coachable players pay close attention to their coach’s instructions and feedback.
    They listen attentively, demonstrating respect for the coach’s expertise and a willingness to learn.
  6. Positive Attitude:
    Coachable athletes maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
    They approach practices and games with a willingness to learn, even when faced with challenges, and they inspire their teammates with dedication.
  7. Growth Mindset:
    Coachable athletes must have a growth mindset.
    They understand their skills can always improve.

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