Warmup games

Warm up game – two people facing a cone. Call whether they need to put their hands ( head, shoulders etc ) then shout Cone. First one to grab the cone. Can upgrade. If they are in a line then you can shuffle one side down to ensure they don’t just stay with same person.

Circle of people with bib tucked in to back of one player. One player outside then the circle rotates to keep the bib away from player outside the circle. Then do the same but people in a line with hands on shoulders.

Sharks and fishes upgrade. In a confined space trying to take the bibs from the back of opposition in a set time. See which team grabs the most bibs

Grab ball. When you have ball you can move ( netball style ) and ball must be rolled. Complete 5 passes for a point. Can change rules between rolling and throwing. Then remove the static rule. Then try and make as many consecutive passes as possible. Adding a ‘bank’ for passes. Need some junior grab balls.

In a two trying to tap you partners kneecaps. First to ten wins. Then play someone else. Knee tag. With the youngsters you can do it with one hand and other hand holding a stick that remains on the floor

Jack’s, Queens and Kings. Kings have balls and sticks. Queens have sticks. Jack’s have nothing. Enclosed space. Jack’s are trying to tag queen’s to get a stick and queens are trying to get the ball from the king to be a king. If a king loses a ball they become a queen and ifna queen loses a stick they become a Jack.

Tip. Hoop. Drinks bottles in the hoop. Called the ‘bar’. You puts your drink bottles in the bar. It stops people going back to the bags and taking too long. Put drinks in the ‘bar’

‘Catch me if you can’ – The leader and the follower. Both carrying a ball and trying to tag the leader. If you tag them you become the leader. Lots of obstacles to go around or over in one area . In a different side of pitch there was no obstacles. Works on speed and control. Upgrade was if you tag them you switch to the other side ( so if you were on the side with the obstacles you switch places and to the side with no obstacles). Freeze frame to show where people are was to ‘drop sticks immediately’ and come in. Upgrades could be more space, tyres

Passing drills in groups. Alternate between short and long passes. They were in threes.

Hockey squash. In threes, hitting ball at goal. You get one touch then hit it; then next person does it

Shooting Two v two. Two hockey goals close and facing. Score in either goal. As soon as a team score both teams leave and two more teams of two come in. Can upgrade with minimum number of passes before shooting. Two many passes and game slows down too much. Could do overloads and give double points to team with less if they score

Two lines facing a goal. Starts 1 v 1 then 2 v 2 then 3v 3 etc one team attacking and one defending. Coach in middle. Attacking team shooting at goal, defending team passing ball back to coach. Could bring players in from different places or by running somewhere first.

Shooting bingo! That the better players can’t always score same way ( as in once they have reversed a shot they have to try a different way )