Turn And Burn

Objective – transition, communication, adaptation, scramble

  1. 5v5 with the aim of scoring continuously within the mini d
  2. Attackers attack the main goal if they score then they turn and burn and immediately try and score at the opposite end
  3. Defenders are aiming to defend the goal and score by carrying the ball into the opposing goals.
  4. They too turn and burn if they are able to carry the ball over the end line.

You can use a keeper which adds value

      1. Speed of reaction
      2. Scramble for defenders
      3. Explode and implode on transition

      Be aware that:

      1. Bigger Ds lead to more goal scoring opportunities
      2. Bigger Ds require tighter, sharper defence to stop the attacking team getting shots away at goal.
      3. Smaller Ds encourage early delivery
      4. Smaller Ds can lead to the defending team sitting deep and/or closing down slowly.
      1. Restarts from the baseline, other free hits and side-lines as per the match.
        Encourage teams to play immediately once they have either scored or carried the ball over the end line.

      Change it:

      1. Force the team defending the goal to carry the ball over one part of the end line (for instance the blue line would encourage them to carry the ball from left to right and encourage the defenders to protect this side of the pitch.