Triangular Passing & Receiving

Poor execution of basic skills is a real challenge that restricts player growth.

This exercise is aimed at focusing on the principle of “stick to stick” – fast hard accurate passing directly to a fellow teammates right foot.

It also, as a by product increases their ability to trap appropriately.

It is not my ideal “game” as it can become boring and is not “in context” so use it sparing and generally for a quick warmup.

The Game

It consists of 3 players passing to each other in various ways at various speeds:

Sequence is:

Activity is to pass open stick to open stick

  1. Pushing only
  2. Flicking
  3. Split grip slap
  4. Slap
  5. Hit
  6. Reverse hitting

Progression on above

  1. Dummy/hidden passes
  2. Increase pace of ball
  3. Increase speed of pass – react quicker not pass quicker
  4. Add an extra ball (or several) into the mix
  5. Pass to different areas around the recipient
  6. Lifted slightly
  7. Different distances between players
  8. Add piggy in the middle and players cannot move

Competitive element

  1. You have 5 balls how long to lose them
  2. How many can you do in x seconds… beat that!
  3. Relay race run from station to station (if you do this you need 1 more player than the # of cones)