The Right Hand Side Corner Game

Objective – Develop righr side attacking overloads

  1. 5v5 would generally be best
  2. Substitutes positioned just off the attacking right hand corner of the pitch.
  3. Every time a player makes a mistake they sub off in their oppositions corner
  4. This player must then go around the pitch back to their corner – no sub until they are back
  5. This gives the opposition team a temporary overload.
  6. NOTE – this also gives teams opportunities to find players high up the pitch on the right hand side.


  1. Score a goal and receive 3 points.
  2. Score a goal from a pass from the right hand side of the pitch +1.
  3. Score from a baseline run +2

Free hits must be self passes within 2 secs

    1. Base line runs
    2. Forward first fast
    3. Left passing
    1. Free hits must be self passes within 2 secs
    2. Sideline hits must be passed from the backline players of the side that did NOT knock it off
    1. Make every player’s first goal worth double points to encourage all players to attack as well as defend.
    2. Score +1 for every right hand side circle entry.
    3. Score +1 for any first time shot from a cross. (Both of these encourage playing down the right hand channel and delivering the ball into the circle)
    4. Score +1 for a deflection
    5. Score +1 for a left post goal

    The Right Hand Side Corner Game