Tackle to win

Objective – win to score

  1. 6v6/7v7 continuous game
  2. Goal is worth 3 points.
  3. Every open stick (forehand) tackle is worth 1 point.

Adjust the players/pitch size to the challenge you want to set

    1. Clean tackling
    2. Channelling
    3. Do not dive
    1. Because of the small pitch make sure that all long comer and hit outs are taken from the baseline.
    2. To encourage intensity make all free hits open play; this means that as soon as the ball is on the pitch it is in play; no 3 or 5 yards, no delay just play on as soon as the ball is stopped.
    1. Give each team double tackling points for one particular third of the pitch.
      (This encourages them to devise tactics that force the opposition to play into narrow channels.)
    2. Give each team an extra player for one minute at a time. Challenge them to plan how that will change their game.
    3. Give double points for a double-team tackle, where two players win the ball
    4. Add horizontal orange markers that challenge teams to win the ball in the attacking third of the pitch.