Stick Skills

We are extremely fortunate that we have access to a range of skill videos produced by Jimmy Culnane.

Jimmy is Head of Hockey at Surbiton High School and also coaches the England U18 Boys and assists the Surbiton HC Men’s 1st XI, he has coached at every rung on the England Hockey ladder from county development to junior international, and has kindly given us access to these videos to keep you learning during these “interesting times”.

Day 1
Pull the ball back

Day 3
Stop the block

Day 5
Open to the right

Day 7
Ball balance

Day 9
Manipulations in the air

Day 11
Lift and squeeze

Day 13
Obstacle course

Day 15
Left foot pass accuracy

Day 17
Move the ball to pass

Day 19
Passing accuracy

Day 22
Recieve to decieve

Day 24
Protect on receipt

Day 26
3d ball control

Day 2
Pull the ball back with feet

Day 4
V round me

Day 6

Day 8

Day 10
Chisel lift

Day 12
The bridge between dragging and lifting

Day 14
Board games

Day 16
Carry to move defender

Day 18
Controlling 3d lifts

Day 20

Day 23
Recieve on the left

Day 25
Recieving a lifted pass

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