1. Start with a person in the middle. That person is the thrower, or “it.” Everyone else should stand within arm’s reach of the thrower.
  2. The thrower tosses the ball straight up into the air. As soon as the ball is released, players begin to run away from the thrower. When the thrower catches the ball on its way back down, they yell, “Spud!” at which point players immediately freeze where they are.
  3. The thrower then tries to tag a player with the ball. The frozen player can try to dodge the ball but is not allowed to move their feet. If a player is hit, they will get the letter “S” and move to the middle to be the next thrower.
  4. If the thrower misses, then the thrower repeats steps 2 and 3.
  5. The game is played until a player gets all four letters “S-P-U-D,” which means they are out of the game. The game continues until there is only one player left. That player is the winner.