Slap/sweep Hitting Gameplay

Objective – practice slap hitting and deflections

  1. 2 teams that play alternately
  2. Blue starts by passing ball to fellow player in “other d”
  3. Then looks to get into a position to receive and score in his goal
  4. Blue slaps to his player who scores

Now do Red

  1. Every one touch goal is worth 3 points
  2. Every successful slap hit pass attempt is worth 1 point

Swop ends after 10 minutes so both ends get the attacking and passing

  1. Use the point system for either hitting, slap hitting or both.
  2. +5 for a slap hit goal
  3. +1 for great leading into a space ready to receive a pass.
  1. Good quality accurate slaps

Slap/sweep Hitting Gameplay

  1. Start with next person in queue
  1. Make the game competitive by entering both teams at once and restricting their players to the end areas
  2. Alter scoring to achieve what you want