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Short Corners


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Short Corners


short corners


Hockey: penalty corner rules
A penalty or short corner can be a sure-fire and spectacular way of scoring goals. But it pays to know the rules, which are a little bit technical.


A penalty corner is taken on the backline inside the circle from a mark at least 10 metres from the goal post, from whichever side of the goal the attacking team prefers.

The ball can be hit or pushed, but the attacker must have at least one foot outside the field of play.

penalty corner203

The other attackers must be outside the circle with sticks, hands and feet not touching the ground inside the circle and at least five metres from the person taking the corner.

The defending team can have no more than five players, including the goalkeeper, behind the back line and must have their sticks, hands and feet not touching the ground inside the field.

The other defenders must be beyond the centre line until the ball has been played.


A goal cannot be scored until the ball has travelled outside the circle.

If the first shot at goal is a hit or slap hit (as opposed to a push, flick or scoop), the ball must cross the goal-line, or be on a path which would have resulted in it crossing the goal-line, at a height of not more than 460mm (the height of the backboard) before any deflection, for a goal to be scored.

The ball is allowed to be higher than the backboard during its flight (provided there is no danger) as long as it drops of its own accord below the backboard before crossing the line.

Second and subsequent hits at the goal and first-time flicks, deflections and scoops, can be raised to any height – as long as they are not dangerous.

The penalty corner rules no longer apply if the ball travels more than five metres from the circle.


The umpire will allow time for a penalty corner or any subsequent penalty corner or penalty stroke to be completed even if full or half time have elapsed.

The penalty corner is completed when:

  • a goal is scored
  • an attacker commits an offence
  • the ball travels more than five metres outside the circle
  • the ball travels outside the circle for a second time
  • the ball is played over the back-line and a penalty corner is not awarded
  • a defender commits an offence which does not result in another penalty corner
  • a penalty stroke is awarded