Questions to aid players mental game

Here are some questions that can be really useful for players to ask themselves – force them to think about, analyse, & critically appraise their mental game

  1. What did my best game look and feel like?
  2. What does my dream game look and feel like?
  3. What do others see when I play with confidence?
  4. What behaviours do I engage in that help me build confidence?
  5. Who helps me to feel confident and what do they tend to say?
Game focus:
  1. What internal noise tend to distract me?
  2. What external distractions impact my game?
  3. What can I be curious about in my game that I can focus on to improve?
  4. what can I control, or get close to controlling, when I play?
  5. who can help me stay focused?
  1. what does my high performance mental state look and feel like?
  2. do I tend to get frustrated or angry…or…down or despondent?
  3. what have I done in the past to manage my emotions?
  4. does anger actually help me compete better?
  5. who can help me manage my emotions?
Goal Achievement:
  1. what game day goals help me? What hinder me?
  2. should I focus on winning or does this just get in the way?
  3. what KPI’s help me to focus my mind on the tasks at hand?
  4. do I have mental objectives? If so, what are they? If not what could they be?

Again courtesy of Dan Abrahams via twitter