1. Obtaining excellence is a continual process that requires long-term planning, failing and a lot of perseverance. Excellence isn’t a final destination, it’s the journey. You choose excellence (or not) on a daily basis.
  2. 2023 – planning
    1. What do you want (Clarity)
    2. What do you need in order to achieve it (How?)
    3. Why does this mean so much to you (purpose)
  3. Those who achieve EXCELLENCE..
    1. Are self-motivated
    2. Love what they do
    3. Know what they want
    4. Are hungry to learn
    5. Love the process
    6. Stay consistent
    7. Are open to feedback
    8. Have a winners attitude
    9. Take ownership
    10. Don’t blame others
    11. Have good people around them
  4. Effort and commitment
    1. If you keep putting in the work..
    2. If you keep making the effort..
    3. If you keep showing up..If you keep working hard..
    4. If you keep a great attitude..
    5. If you keep doing the extra..
    6. If you keep the belief..
    7. Your time will come.
    8. … patient.

Building trust

Here are 5 factors basic to building TRUST:

  1. Time:
    Trust cannot be fast tracked. It takes time. Just as in a romantic relationship, trust is built by consistency in behaviors, actions and commitment.
  2. Relationships:
    When you show genuine interest in others, solid relationships are formed. Building meaningful relationships is about making a deeper connection and showing that you care about your people.
  3. Understanding:
    Trust also comes from having empathy, appreciation and a good understanding of others. It involves seeing things from another person’s perspective and being open to listening
    to them.
  4. Sharing Accolades:
    A leader who takes all the glory for the successes and blames others for failures will not be trusted or respected. A leader who shares or deflects successes to their team earns trust and admiration. It’s about the “we” and not the “me.”
  5. Truthfulness:
    Great leaders might not be liked all the time, but they are respected because they tell the truth. Being consistently candid and nurturing a culture of openness and honesty builds commitment, collaboration and trust. General Electric Chairman and CEO Jack Welch noted, “Trust happens when leaders are transparent. Being truthful takes courage as it involves the hard conversations and making the tough decisions”

Improve your results

  1. Be clear on what you want
  2. Build a good network
  3. Add value to others
  4. Develop positive habits
  5. Read and listen to podcasts
  6. Practice daily self-awareness
  7. Have a morning routine
  8. Exercise daily


“Success is never an accident. Instead its and accumulation of the everyday little choices and decisions one makes on a daily basis”


In teams, the number one culture killer is gossip. When you engage in gossip, you…

  1. bring your culture down.
  2. create more problems.
  3. damage relationships.
  4. end up hurting yourself.
  5. earn a reputation of someone who can’t be trusted.

Eric Ten Hags 7 point Blueprint

  1. Set the identity & culture
  2. Strong leadership
  3. Clarity in expectations
  4. High discipline (no excuses)
  5. Establish playing style
  6. Instill belief in players
  7. Stay authentic to club values