Pass & Move

Objective – teach to move “what is my next job”

  1. 1/8th size of pitch
  2. Two equal teams and use substitutes if necessary – vary size of pitch
  3. Aim is to pass over a orange line in THEIR direction of play – if they do then they score one point. (you can dribble but no goal)
  4. Scorer comes off to add goal to cone

Use the substitutes by allowing them to receive passes on the outside of the grid and then immediately join in the game 

  1. Be sharp on the whistle.
  2. Given the importance of changing over possession and reacting to decisions in a game, reflect this in your umpiring during practice.
  3. Alternatively, tell players to call the game themselves.
  4. Invite umpires to training; great practise for players and umpires
  5. Provide opportunities for both teams to discuss their tactics (attacking and defending) during breaks in play

Any transgression means ball is restarted by the other team

  1. If you have at least 2 substitutes per team: the player that gives the ball away must come off the pitch and complete twenty passes with a team mate before re-joining the game. This creates overloads on within the grid…plus players on the outside get the opportunity to practice their passing.
  2. Play 4 v 4 v 4 with three teams. One team is trying to win the ball and the other two teams are trying to retain possession and pass over the orange lines. This gives the attacking players the advantage of numbers.

Tiki Taka Pass And Move