Overcome Failure

“Fear of Failure” holds many athletes back. How can athletes overcome this?

  1. Failure Does Not Exist
    Kobe Bryant said, “failure does not exist.” There is great power in these words.
    If you
    view every negative situation as an opportunity to learn or grow, then you never fail. 
    It does not exist. The great ones learn to master their mind and their approach to failure.
    This is one powerful way to do it.

  2. Failure is Growth
    If “failure does not exist” is too extreme, then try “failure is growth.” Do you have a Fixed or Growth mindset?
    Fixed mindsets struggle to overcome adversity. They feel they have no control.
    Growth mindsets view failure as an opportunity to grow.
    Choose Growth.
  3. Next Play
    Coach K GOLD. The best athletes have the ability to move on to the “next play.”
    They don’t think about the shot they just made OR the bad pass they threw away.
    They shift to the “next play” in the moment. Do not dwell on past mistakes or past successes.
  4. Use Examples from Professionals
    Hitting .400 in baseball means you “fail” 6/10 times. Stephen Curry is a career 42.8% from 3-pt. He Missed 60% of 3’s. Michael Jordan said, “I succeed because I have failed over and over.”
    Learn from the Elite. They always “fail.” It is ok to “fail.” It is part
    of the process so it is no big deal.
  5. Learn the “SECRET”
    Master your Mind. Learn to TALK to yourself instead of LISTEN to yourself. Just because you have a negative thought, it does not mean you have to believe it.
    Failure is man-made. Don’t let yourself believe the thought.
    Talk yourself out of it.

  6. Earn Confidence
    Athletes must “Earn the right to be proud and confident.” When you are confident, you begin to have a different perspective on failure. But confidence is earned. It is earned through daily habits, consistency, and persistence. Earn your Confidence.

With thanks to Greg Berge