Modern Day Coaching

Fantastic article on modern day coaching in sport. Let’s embrace a “Bazball” approach!

Some takeaway messages that could be useful for coaches at any level…

  1. Embrace a culture of fearlessness: Encourage your players to play without fear and take calculated risks, fostering an environment that promotes creativity and enjoyment.
  2. Prioritise having fun: Create an atmosphere where enjoyment is valued, as it can contribute to optimal performance and team cohesion.
  3. Avoid fear and blame culture: Move away from coaching methods that rely on fear and intimidation as motivators, recognising that alternative approaches can yield positive results.
  4. Understand individual differences: Recognise that different athletes may respond differently to coaching styles, and adapt your approach to suit their needs and personalities.
  5. Foster autonomy and creativity: Provide opportunities for players to express themselves and think creatively, allowing them to make decisions and take ownership of their performance.
  6. Learn from successful coaches: Study successful coaches across different sports to understand their methodologies and adapt relevant principles to your own coaching style.
  7. Consider the broader societal context: Acknowledge that societal developments, such as changing attitudes towards leadership and individual empowerment, may require adjustments in coaching approaches.
  8. Apply positive psychology principles: Incorporate principles from positive psychology to enhance athletes’ confidence, wellbeing, and focus on strengths rather than solely focusing on minimising weaknesses.
  9. Promote a growth mindset: Encourage athletes to view mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning, fostering a mindset that embraces challenges and sees setbacks as stepping stones to success.
  10. Embrace the “Bazball” philosophy beyond sports: Recognise that the principles of fearlessness, freedom, and autonomy can extend beyond sports and be beneficial in various aspects of life, including the workplace.