Leading – getting into a good position to receive the ball.


  1. If the player is UNCONTESTED then the support that is ahead of ball can lead behind the defenders.
    This means that if the possessor doesn’t have any pressure then you can ‘lead’ high up the pitch – stretching the game out and looking for a pass nearer towards the goal.
  2. If the player is CONTESTED then support should be lateral or diagonally vertical depending on where the defenders are.
    This means if the possessor is under threat then you have to make yourself available with a post up in front of them (indicate where you want the ball with your stick)

    1. You need to get in front of the defenders, blocking them with your body and post up.
    2. Lead out wide – head to the side of the pitch to make yourself available for a pass
      The side of the pitch has more space with less defenders. 
    1. Leading should always be done to the outside of the pitch rather than the middle where invariably there will be defenders
    2. Do NOT lead too early – if you do you’ll alert the defenders.