Leading to space

Objective – Leading/losing your marker

  1. Attack vs Defence with 2 Feeders
  2. Designate an attacking team and a defending team
  3. Feeders look to play the ball between them until the attackers offer a lead
  4. As soon as that happens they pass the ball in and the game is live
  5. If the defenders win the ball then they have to pass to a feeder – at this stage the defenders become the attackers
  1. Leading and re-leading
  2. Patience with playing the ball back and forward
  3. Losing your marker
  4. Marking
  1. Sideline – coach sends new ball in
  2. Backline then restart with non-transgressing team
  1. Time to start/end
  2. Score within a minute of the previous goal and get 2
  3. Limited number of balls per team