People, Participation, Progression, Performance in Hockey

Leading practice

Objective – Keep possession by using “width” (outside players) and body whilst leading

  1. Create a circle (can be square) can use central football circle if available
  2. Blue team and red team are competing to get as many passes back to each other as poss
  3. Central player has to lead for a pass and then pass to one of their player
  4. If play swops then other side is the attacker
  5. Every thirty seconds call out a new pair of players and let the practice continue.
  6. Every pass = point OR time in possession 

Keep the game going fast by subbing recipients and outside player regularly

  1. Time of lead
  2. Body shape
  3. Use body as defense
  4. Communication

Coach feeds ball in

  1. Match players up against different opponents by calling out two different numbers.
  2. Create a defensive or an attacking overload by calling more than one player per team

Circle Rondo