People, Participation, Progression, Performance in Hockey

Leading – hi,lo wide we go

Objective – Leading and counter press

  1. 3v3 game looking to score
  2. Initially start from the left and then also the right
  3. 2 fullbacks transfer the ball between each other then send to the top corner attacker 
  4. On receipt then 2 attackers come off the base line and join the game
  5. Attackers score
  6. If defenders win the ball then they play into the top corner where they initially based the ball
  1. Attackers
  2. Height
  3. Leading
  4. Width
  5. Retention 
  1. Sideline and backline coach passes ball in to the highest attacker
  1. Fixed number of balls
  2. Select scorer
  3. Have to do 5 passes first

Pitch Set up Day 2 Session 2