Keep sport fun for children

10 ideas on keeping coaching fun for children

  1. Make the experience fun & enjoyable, creating an environment where the children can not wait to come back next week
  2. Be supportive & encourage children to take ownership of their learning & development
  3. Help children set achievable [holistic] goals and celebrate their accomplishments
  4. Help children recognise that relationship & problem solving skills are valuable in sport & life
  5. Model good sportsmanship & other pro-social values with coaches, teammates & opponents
  6. Focus on intention and progress rather than results and perfection
  7. Highlight how sport can be a platform for not just physical health, but mental health too – a safe space to be themselves
  8. Avoid giving children all of the answers. Provide them with the conditions to make decisions for themselves, using you as a resource
  9. Avoid making comparisons between young people – they will all grow, with the right conditions, but at a speed that is right for them
  10. Finally, remember that children are not mini-adults. They are growing, developing, learning, failing, falling and learning again

As a coach, we can play a big part in making sport a brilliant experience

Tom Hartley