Keep or win the ball

Objective – each player is trying to keep possession of the ball inside a 5m x 5m pitch.

  1. 3 players per grid.
  2. Two players start inside the grid.
  3. The first player has the ball and the second is trying to win it.
  4. If that player does win the ball, or if it goes out of the grid then the player who has lost possession must run to the half way line and back.
  5. At the same time the third player steps into the grid and starts trying to win the ball.
  6. This carries on for 60 seconds.
  7. The winner is the player with the ball when the whistle blows.

Have plenty of balls around the edge of each square to keep the intensity of the practice.

    1. Keep to short bursts of activity gives your practice focus and encourages players to play with intensity.

    Start again

    1. Ban players from turning their back to their partner, which will require more skill and encourage them to use their stick skills.
    2. Have bigger squares to make the challenge physical!
    3. Play in pairs on a bigger grid (6 players per square)
    4. Play in groups of three. This will become a great tiki taka practice.

    Keep The Ball And Win The Ball