Hockey mistakes

Too much ball watching

Position yourself in such a way that you can see both your player and also what is happening.

Diving in for tackles

In the D a desperate tackle may be necessary, but the pressure is on the ball carrier instead dictate where the striker goes by channeling or jabbing and then try to force them to make a mistake.

Not being available for the ball

Just because you think you are available, doesn’t mean you are the best option. If you are not getting the ball then consider what the player on the ball sees; are you available in their eyes and are you leading explosively

Giving the ball away under pressure

The #1 reason people panic under pressure is because they don’t have confidence in themselves and doubt their ability.

Square passes

Clever players will try to set their opposition up to make a square pass, they will wait for their head to go down before pouncing to make the interception.

Pass into spaces for players to run onto or use angles to make it harder for the opposition to intercept.

Running in straight lines

If you run in straight lines it is much easier for a defender to tackle you. Running at angles forces the opposition to react and make a decision.

Run to the left or right when you are in possession, in conjunction with this place the ball on the protected side of your bod.

Not re-leading

If you make a lead and don’t get the ball you need to re-lead to open up the space for someone else and to keep the opposition on their toes.

Not pre-scanning

Pre-scanning can tell you a lot of information such as where your defender is positioned, where the space is, where your teammates are, etc.

Passing to players instead of into space

Often players pass to where their teammates are, instead of where they are going to be. Great vision fails when the pass is too slow – things have changed