Hitting ladder

Objective – hit to score

  1. Individual and team competition
  2. Players looking at hitting low and hard forehand and backhand shots from the top of the circle under pressure
  3. Try to ensure the carry at match pace and are ending up the most aggressive position at the top of the circle and must shoot in the outer ring – if the go past the line the shot doesn’t count!
  4. Initial ball carry must also replicate what has previously been worked on
  5. The drag must be late and hard – show one way and commit – then drag hard the other way.
  6. As soon as one team have gone round the cones – the next group starts
  7. Players to shoot as many balls as possible

SCORING – must all hit the backboard to count!

  1. 1 point between the cones in the middle
  2. 2 point between near cone and near post
  3. 3 points between far cone and far post-inside the goal
  4. 1 point between outside the far post and cone BUT MUST BE FLAT AND ABLE TO BE DEFLECTED
  5. O points between outside near post and near cone

ROUNDS 1-4 – Team

  1. Everyone stays in and gets 3 shots each from each side

ROUND 5 Individual competition

  1. Heats: everyone gets 3 shots each side
  2. Semi final: top 4 players get 2 shots from each side
  3. Final: Top 2 players get 1 shot from each side – sudden death!

Coach must bring a lot of energy and make this very competitive!

Session 5 - Hitting ladder

Try to use goals BUT if not possible, the goal area and circle must be the exact right size