Getting out of the corner

Objective – Moving from a corner up the pitch

  1. 2 teams of 4/5 with 2 goals each carefully located
  2. Ball input started where balls are placed in diagram
  3. Pitch size dictated by age – young = big
  4. Each team has 2 goals that they can score in
  5. Complete 3 passes in THEIR ZONE for the chance to attack by moving into the other zone
  6. When in possession start with 2 defenders, add another every 3 passes

Do 2-3 min rotations

On losing possession

  2. Pressure on receiver
  3. Protect line to goal
  4. Stay in the game
  5. Triangular zonal defence
  6. Mark the angles

On gaining possession

  2. Pass & Move to space
  3. Tikka takka so can get out asap
  4. PROTECT the ball
  5. Have a guard
      1. Any infraction coach throws new ball in
      2. If big box then can play sidelines
      1. Increase/Reduce size of box to add ease or difficulty
      2. With younger players start with NO defenders then build with every 3/5 passes
      3. 5 balls each to encourage retention
      4. One/two touch
      5. Add another defender when 3 passes up
      6. Enable a breakout as well as pass into goals
      7. Move ball location