First team vs Grass Roots

As a Head coach you need to be able to do 4 key things to a high level to have a chance to succeed

  1. It’s not just putting on a training session
    1. What is your game model?
    2. How well can you implement it in the time allocated?
    3. Which days of the week do you train your game model?
    4. What are your core principles and how can you teach the variations to problem solve?

  1. Training periodisation
    1. Year | Month | Week
    2. How can you maximise athletic performance and how do you vary the output per day?
    3. What is your objective within the area size and physical output outlined?
    4. This is a fine line for players who may need tailored programs
  2. Next Opponent Strategy
    1. You does your game model effect the principles you will stick to each game?
    2. How does the opponent set up and can you find the best way to approach the game?
    3. Where can the game be won and lost?
    4. Finding the right approach is critical

  3. Individual Player Development
    1. Your job as a coach is to win, develop players and create assets
    2. Can we use data, video and conversations to assess where we can create training activities to enhance the development of a superskill?
    3. Insight – Activity – Coaching quality
  4. There is so much more that goes into being a coach at professional level than just taking a training session
    1. Consider your own abilities
    2. How can you improve the implementation of your
      1.  Game Model
      2.  Training Periodisation
      3. Match Preparation
      4. Player Development