Feedback “simple how tos”

Feedback can be very onerous for both parties so do it carefully – here are some ideas:

  1. Be empathic – identify with them and what they are feeling
  2. Provide choices of solutions to correct problems so that it becomes a choice rather than a indictment to defend
  3. Base your feedback on clear and attainable objectives known to the athlete
  4. Keep free from person-related statements talk about 3rd party things
  5. Give tips and hints
  6. Keep your tone of voice considerate

Another idea is to get them to do their own feedback – create a loop

  1. Give me a mark out of 10 for performance
  2. Give me a mark out of 10 for mindset
  3. Give me a mark out of 10 for effort
  4. etc

By scaling you strip away emotion and train for self analysis