Feedback is a gift – some pointers

Feedback is a gift to the recipient – BUT it must be done right

How to do it effectively:

Keep The Positive Personal and the Negative Technical
Rather than attach blame to failure, key in on the technical or tactical solutions.

Destroy Myths Of “The Natural”
Be intentional about using growth versus fixed language to shift their mindset.
Focus their attention towards what is in their control.
Embrace failure as a fundamental (and celebrated) part of the growth cycle.

Make It Safe To Take Calculated Risks (and fail!)
Psychological safety is a defining characteristic of elite teams, instil it, and you’ll dramatically increase:

  1. Trust
  2. Creativity
  3. Innovation
  4. Confidence

Remove the Safety Net
If you’re quick to correct, you’re simply hardwiring their dependence.
Silence is powerful — force them to figure it out.
Establish the overall intent, and challenge them to move from;
“What do I do?” -> “This is what I’m gonna do.”

    Focus on the Do This not the Don’t Do That
    Focus attention on the desired action, and positive outcomes.
    If you cue them on what *not* to do..
    They’ll be consumed by the thought of messing it up making them more likely to …Mess up!

    People will rise (or fall) to the level of your expectations
    Don’t label them based on past failures or shortcomings…they’ll often prove you right.
    Instead, set the bar just out of reach and lift them up with;
    “I Believe In You”
    It might just change their life…

    Remember – ‘Ego Is The Enemy’

    1. It’s not about you, it’s about helping them.
    2. Any successes are because of them.
    3. Any failures are because of you