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Fast Attack

Objective – Score by attacking at pace

  1. Two teams behind the cones.
  2. Coach calls a number – this denotes a number of players that will take part
  3. The first team to get the ball are the attackers – the other team defend
  4. Score one point per goal.
  5. Defenders have to stop the attacking team scoring and play the ball back to the coach in order to finish that repetition.


  1. Have 2 teams one on either side of the pitch
  2. Feed the balls from different locations
  1. “What skills do you need to score goals?”
  2. “What skills do you need to defend effectively?”.
  3. Keep the tempo of the practice high by feeding balls in quickly
    1. The balls start with the coach.
    2. Game dies if over backline or sideline
    1. Score one point every time your team enters the D.
    2. The attacking team continues to attack until the defenders successfully return the ball to the halfway line. This encourages them to jump back and win the ball.
    3. Mix up the number of attackers and defenders, creating overloads and underloads at random.
    4. Award bonus points for shave tackling and jumping back.
    5. Add a second player for a 2v1