Entitled players – careful you do not create one

Are you supporting entitlement with any players in your program?

They will destroy your culture.

Here are 10 reflective questions COACHES can ask themselves to make sure.

  1. Do I provide special treatment or privileges to certain athletes?
  2. Do I find myself making exceptions or bending the rules for specific athletes?
  3. Am I hesitant to hold athletes accountable for their actions or lack of effort?
  4. Do I prioritize individual player preferences over the overall needs of the team?
  5. Am I reluctant to provide constructive criticism or challenge entitled behavior?
  6. Do I provide excessive praise or rewards without appropriate justification? 
  7. Do my athletes feel entitled to playing time or leadership positions without earning them?
  8. Do I establish and enforce clear team rules and expectations? 
  9. Do I avoid addressing conflicts or negative behaviors because it might create discomfort?
  10. Am I neglecting to teach important life skills like humility, respect, and teamwork? 

Entitlement if allowed or allowed to breath will destroy a team culture.

Reflect on these questions and identify areas where you may inadvertently support entitlement.

With thanks to https://twitter.com/gb1121