Ensuring Participation

Strategies that can help prevent children from quitting sports before age 13:

  1. Encourage children to have fun and not focus solely on winning.
  2. Make sure children have enough time to pursue other interests and activities.
  3. Ensure that coaches are trained to provide positive feedback and encourage children to develop their skills.
  4. Access to quality equipment and facilities can make the sport more enjoyable and increase children’s likelihood of participating.
  5. Teach children to be respectful to opponents and officials, and to display good sportsmanship.
  6. Focus on helping children develop their skills, rather than solely on winning games.
  7. Sports can provide children with opportunities to make new friends and build relationships.
  8. Parents can play a crucial role in supporting their children and keeping them motivated to continue participating in sports.
  9. Encourage children to engage in physical activity, regardless of whether they participate in organized sports.
  10. Make sure children are not over-scheduled and are given sufficient rest and recovery time to prevent burnout.

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