End Zone and Burn

Objective – Go wide to attack/Transfer

  1. 4v4v4
  2. Central area has 2 teams of 4 players looking to reach the end zone to score
  3. Once they have scored they turn and burn
  4. The attackers are able to use the outside players (from the 3rd team) to support them – use wall passes
  5. Rotate the teams after 4 mins 
  6. See who scores the most
  1. Tika taka using the sideline players
  2. Drag defenders to one side of pitch then use the other side
  3. Speed of attack and reaction
  4. High balls v fast
  1. End ball start with pass from same end to opposing team
  2. Sideline passes as per game
  3. OR coach feeds in
  1. Scoring player has to run down the sideline before re-entering the pitch
  2. Have to pass to player in end zone