Earn your spot

Selection is EARNED – how do you earn you spot?

  1. Be the hardest worker in the room – Want to stick out? Be the HARDEST Worker on the TEAM. Stick Out. Prove how bad you want it.
  2. Encourage your teammates – Positive energy is contagious. Do you support and encourage your teammates? Do you show MUDITA? Those who encourage others make the team better. Coaches love playing guys who bring positive energy to all they do.
  3. Be a relentless competitor – What is the #1 skill most good coaches look for in a player? The ability to compete. Hate to lose more than anyone else on the team. Prove it every day in practice.
  4. Make the hustle plays – Hustle plays WIN games. Coaches want these types of players on the pitch. They make things happen. What are hustle plays constant pressure on the oppo
  5. Have a great attitude – Your attitude determines your altitude. Attitudes are contagious. Coaches look for positive energy givers on their teams. Want to stick out and your spot? A good attitude is a great place to start.
  6. Be a great teammate – Great teams have Great teammates. Coaches what the team that best gels together. The pieces have to fit. The team needs to be connected. Be a great teammate and work to be a connector for your teammates.
  7. Do the little things – Details WIN. Do you do the little things? How can you stick out by doing the little things in your sport?
  8. Know your role – Be Great at what you are Good at. This is the essence of role definition on teams. Don’t try to do too much. Don’t try to be someone you are not. The  layers who can provide a role the team needs have a great chance to play.
  9. Be coachable – Listen with your eyes. Accept coaching. Apply the feedback given to you by the coach. Coaches play players they can trust. Trust is earned when players are coachable.
  10. Be a leader – Leadership is a choice. Teams need leaders on the court and off the court. If you can lead by example and become a vocal leader for your team, you will separate yourself.