Draw the defender

Analogies can be a vital coaching tool encapsulating a concept for players – the ‘Matador’ image helps when teaching the tactic of enticing opponents towards you in order to evade them – going against their flow to exploit the space they’ve vacated

Language is vital in creating clarity, simplifying a concept as well as ingraining an attitude connected to a skill – the ‘Arrogance of timing’ emphasises the confidence that the ball carrier is in control – has an air of superiority – almost ‘intimidation by skill’ 

‘Getting close to the fire without getting burned’ is a vital concept for players to learn but is opposite to what many coaches preach – ‘pass it quick’ – ‘1&2 touch’ – ‘ball speed’ – ‘touch & pass’ are phrases we’ve all used & 99% of the time will be correct …but

Players need to experiment so they learn to “hold the ball for the right amount of time” – that may be passing first time or holding it to entice their opponent really close – if you bring them close & they commit, the advantage you gain in opposite flow is even bigger


BIG credit goes to 

Paul McGuinness