Diamond play with guard

Objective – remember to always have a guard


Game makeup

  1. 1/8th of a pitch
  2. 3v3 with goal scorers for each team in the End Zone
  3. Teams score by passing the ball to their End Zone
  4. When a team scores, then the passer/scorer sub out
  5. Play in sets of 2 mins

Scoring – Keep cone scores

  1. 2 pts for pass into end zone
  2. 1 pt for interception turnover


    1. Force the attacker to rollout
    2. Delay, Deny, disrupt – Do not dive
    3. IMMEDIATE Press after loss
    4. Channel
    5. Double team the attacker and force a mistake
    6. Low and mobile body position / good footwork


    1. Explode on winning the ball
    2. Ensure you always have a guard if you rollout

    1. Coach Restarts if ball goes over the side

    1. Each team give 5/10 balls to play with – encourages ball retention
    2. Players may only use push passes and if they sweep/hit then they lose possession
    3. If a player gets hit on the feet, they have to replace the End Zone player immediately