Developing a team

Here are the 5 five things I look to do to develop the players in my teams/squads

  1. Build a Strong Team Culture:
    1. Create a team culture that values unity, resilience, and focus
    2. Encourage open communication and support among teammates
    3. Create a safe space where players can rely on each other and rise above external criticism
    4. Develop belonging (See Owen Eastwood) – ensure they are able to talk in a safe environment and they feel valued
  2. Foster Resilience:

    1. Equip your athletes with mental resilience tools to handle criticism and distractions
    2. Teach them to focus on their growth and development rather than being swayed by external opinions or the win or loss
    3. Teach them the importance of good habits
    4. Make sure they always remember that the Process is the Prize
    5. Help them learn to develop pragmatism and to move on when it goes wrong (be a goldfish with its 10 second memory)
  3. Set Clear Goals and Expectations:

    1. Establish clear team goals and individual expectations early on
    2. When athletes have a clear vision of their purpose and role, they are better equipped to tune out the noise and concentrate on their performance
    3. Make sure you celebrate all of these roles on your team and ensure they feel valued as a member of the team
    4. Teach and develop self discipline – they need to be able to control their reactions to negative situations
  4. Promote Self-Evaluation and Reflection:

    1. Encourage players to evaluate their performances objectively
    2. Teach to acknowledge both successes and areas for improvement
    3. Assist in developing a growth mindset, athletes can use criticism constructively to fuel their motivation
    4. The best athletes have a “failure is growth” mindset
    5. This mindset helps them focus on continuous improvement and not on outside noise
  5. Provide Supportive Feedback:
    1. Offer constructive feedback in a supportive and encouraging manner
    2. Celebrate successes and frame setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth
    3. Create a positive and supportive feedback environment which will boost players’ confidence and resilience