Developing your team

How do you know if things are going well?

An essential element in the success of any team is a selection of people who can cover “diverse terrain”, bring different skills to bear and basically work together.

but rich diagnostic that can quickly pinpoint where your team may be struggling. It measures five core characteristics that determine whether a team is likely to produce results — or just frustration.


Obvious, maybe, but if you don’t have the right people in the right roles, your team will struggle.

We put people who are available on teams. We have availability issues. We keep people that are no long fitting.


A big myth of teamwork is that you must like one another to trust one another. I can think of a whole lot of people who I may not be socially happy hanging out with, but whose capabilities I would trust immensely. Trust is born of repeated, predictable interaction. If you do what you say you will and behave in a consistent way, that fosters trust. If you are erratic, unpredictable and unreliable, that undermines trust.

It is critical to trust that your words and actions line up — people are very good at sniffing out hypocrisy and self-dealing.

Information/Buy in 

You have to be much more deliberate about developing your values, beliefs and getting buy in – culture is critical  and ensuring everyone is aware of and involved


All the other factors aside, a huge issue with teams has to do with members’ commitment to the team’s success. People aren’t necessarily bad people if they aren’t committed, and that’s important to realize. They may have been added to this team without really buying into or feeling a sense of belonging.

Psychological safety

This construct refers to the ability of team members to bring up information without fear of being punished. This could be information about mistakes, about an opinion that differs from the norm or a point of view that isn’t consistent with what powerful people want to hear. The big issue is that if you don’t have psychological safety in your team, the full opportunity will never be realised as folks will never risk involvement.