Defend – Line to Goal

Objective – Defensive principles – Delay, disrupt, dispossess 


Game makeup

  1. 1/8th of a pitch
  2. 3v3 with goal scorers for each team in the End Zone
  3. Teams score by passing the ball to either Goal scorer in the End Zone
  4. When a team scores, the End Zone player who receives the pass is released from the goals and the team turns and attacks in the other direction.
  5. BUT if they attack the new one they must get a player up into their new End Zone
  6. Play in sets of 2 mins

Scoring – Keep cone scores

  1. 2 pts for pass into end zone
  2. 1 pt for interception turnover
    1. Delay, Deny, disrupt – Do not dive
    2. Press after loss
    3. Stay in the game
    4. Channel
    5. Double team the attacker and force a mistake
    6. Force the attacker to rollout
    7. Low and mobile body position / good footwork

    1. Coach Restarts if ball goes over the side

    1. Each player must get a touch on the ball before they can score in the End Zone
    2. Players may only use push passes and if they sweep/hit then they lose possession
    3. If a player gets hit on the feet, they have to replace the End Zone player immediately
    4. Lose a player for poor execution
    5. Lose a player for going into contact