People, Participation, Progression, Performance in Hockey

Crash shot scoring

Objective – teach instant response to ball in D/Defending in the D


Simulating a free hit or a 16

The ball is passed once between the three players outside of the circle and then immediately hit into the D

Aim at blue team who try to score.

  1. A goal is worth 2 points,
  2. A penalty corner is worth 1 point
  3. First player to receive the ball collects it within the mini D a further bonus point is awarded.

Defending scoring

  1. The defending team must win the ball cleanly and pass it back to one of the three feeders.
  2. If they successfully achieve this then they will become the attacking side.
  3. A long corner or free hit out results in another feed for the attacking side.
  1. Pre organise
  2. Body shape
  3. Only lead on hit
  4. Stick position

Build in opportunities for players to watch other players playing to work out how to be successful and to give peer feedback.

The balls start with the players outside of the circle.

  1. Feed the ball from different angles
  2. Award points for interceptions by the defenders
  3. Give the attacking players bonus points for scoring from within the mini (orange) D
  4. Increase of decrease the number of players in the D

4V4 In The D