Connecting 2v1s

Objective – Manufacture 2v1s


Game requires the Attacking team to get the ball from one side of the pitch to the other, exploiting their 2v1s and can pass or carry through each zone.

  1. 3 zone pitch with 1/2 keepers and 1/2 goals
  2. First zone starts with a ball feed from back line
  3. 1 player advances down pitch through the zones playing with the in-zone player already there (creating 2v1’s as the play moves up the pitch)
  4. On completion then play the other way
  5. If defenders win ball at any stage then they immediately attack the other way

If you only have 1 goal then once they make it to the other side of the pitch they can then turn and attack towards goal in a 4v3 overload.

  1. Run angles
  2. Drag defenders
  3. Left foot pass
  4. Vary speed to tempt defenders
  5. Leading

Start from keeper of non-transgressing team

  1. Limited number of balls per team
  2. Time to score
  3. Lose a player for bad pass

SSG: connecting 2v1s

SSG: connecting 2v1s