Coaches vs Parents

I am biased but I would really like my parents to understand…

  1. We CARE about your Child
    Even if your child is not in the right team or occasionally doesn’t get much playing time in a critical game, we care about them.
    Nothing is ever personal. We love your child. Everyone has a Role. They are all different. But they are all important.
  2. TIME
    There are only two people who understand the time commitment of a coach. The Coach and their Spouse.
    We are always “on,” constantly thinking about our team. We sacrifice our Family time to be with your child. We don’t need a pat on the back. Just respect this fact.
  3. We LOVE this job.
    But it is a hard job. Please don’t steal our Joy. Our Passion. Our Commitment. Help Support us.
  4. Coaches want to WIN more than you do.
    We are very competitive. We put our heart and soul into this job. We are not perfect. No one is. |
    Strategy or X’s and O’s matter much less than you think.
    We are at practice every day. Trust what we see and do.
  5. Everything is EARNED.
    You get what you earn. Don’t blame the coach. Encourage your child to be committed.
    It is your child’s job to get/keep fit, dribble in the backyard, develop their skills off pitch, etc.
    Encourage them to do this. You get what you earn.
  6. Trust the PROCESS
    Team Sports are the ultimate lab setting for life. There will be bumps in the road. It is guaranteed.
    BUT it is part of the process. Accept this fact. Trust the Process.
    The life lessons learned will last a lifetime.
  7. Winning is HARD
    Other teams want to win too. Other teams put time in too. Other teams compete too.
    The season is a grind, and the process is more important than the prize.
    Learning how to win…and how to lose…is an important part of this process.
  8. Your child GETS it.
    Your child understands. They are at every practice. They know their strengths. They know their weaknesses.
    They know their role. Don’t feed their youthful insecurities by questioning the coach.
    This will hurt their experience and the team.
  9. Finally, and Most Importantly, this is your child’s experience, not yours.
    This is important. Let them enjoy the experience with your support. Don’t judge them. Don’t be critical. Just be there.
    Tell them you LOVE watching them play. Be a fan of the TEAM.

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