Speed Ball

Objective – score goals asap

  1. 4v4/5v5 the session is physically very demanding then two 4 v 4 games works well, with the teams given equal time to rotate between rest and to play.
  2. Start from baseline aim to be first team to collect the ball, attack and shoot (all shots must be from within the D).
  3. At every breakdown in play the coach feeds a new ball at random onto the pitch.
  4. The game continues. This encourages quick reaction to where the next ball is thrown.
  5. Winning a free hit is not a good outcome so the game rewards teams who keep the ball away from the opposition.
  6. Rewards fast attacking play that takes advantage of the opposition being caught out of position.
  7. The format encourages everyone to be an attacker and a defender.
  1. Speed
  2. Share the advantage of having one goalie by giving teams the chance to attack both ends of the pitch.

Coach feeds new ball in somewhere different

Change it:

  1. Feed the balls from one side or the other to deliver more left or right hand side play.
  2. Change the number of players to alter the intensity.
  3. Make the D areas and pitch size bigger or smaller to change the type and number of goalscoring opportunities created.

centre ball