Attacking Free Hit Strategy

CRITICAL –  Strategies for free hits do not rely on the hitter — they rely on the entire team’s movement off the ball – 90 percent of a field hockey game is played without the ball so, good positioning will increase your success rate in moving the ball up the field.

Free hit rules:

  1. All opposition players need to be a minimum of 5yds from the ball when the free hit is taken
  2. If the ball is within the 25-yard area of a goal, it cannot be directly hit into the circle it must first travel five yards – before it can enter the circle.
  3. NOTE – the ball must move a meter before being played by another teammate.
  4. All players have to be 5yds from striker for all hits inside 25yd

Quick hit IF you have:

  1. A runner
  2. Someone free
  3. They are not aware

Free Hit Options:

  1. Hit Wide – spread the ball – your team can pass/move up field.
  2. Self pass – if:
    1. You have lots of room
    2. You have no options and you can move the defender to give you options
  3. Cut through – use when defense has a high press. Free players should cut in front of the opposing team – this blocks their vision and creates space for the ball to travel through the wall.
  4. Shielding – Use 2 players to create a passing lane within the defensive wall – their aim is to let the hit travel through the wall to a teammate
    1. Both players stand in front of and toward the inside of the defensive wall — this is the shield.
    2. These players face each other. No defender should be between them.
    3. The hitter hits the ball between the two players who are shielding the defense.
    4. The shield players do not stop the ball, but rather prevent the defense from stopping it.
    5. The ball is sent to a player on the forward line.
  5. Step in Front – stand between the hitter and the defender to enable a touch before the defender.

Set play free hits inside 25yd

  1. Pass the ball (left or right) for a “run on” and shot (Posts?)
  2. Pass the ball back so it can be crossed thus switching the point of attack.
  3. Dribble the ball five yards
  4. Make a five-yard wall-pass